Blowing Bubbles

bubble blowing activities

Bubble blowing is a wonderful activity for all ages, to watch or create, from babies to great grandads and grandmas. We always have a wonderful time of learning and discovery whenever we make up our bubble blowing mixture for outdoor play time.

For avid learners who want to know more about the science of bubbles:
A soap bubble is a thin film of soapy water that encloses air, forming a sphere with an iridescent surface.
When light shines onto a bubble it appears to change colour. The colours seen in a soap bubble are from interference of light reflecting off the front and back surfaces of the film. Depending on the thickness of the film, different colours are seen.

RECIPES for bubble mix, ACTIVITIES, SONGS, BOOKS and the SCIENCE OF BUBBLES all at 52 days to explore

I'm forever blowing bubbles...

bubble blowing activities

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