Nature Table


Creating a nature table in your home or centre is a wonderful way to get children and parents interested in the big wide world outdoors. It is an excellent activity for all ages, from the very young and also those in wheelchairs and other children who do not consider themselves sporty or active.

It gives a focus to the days activity: Today we are collecting things, at the park, to place on our new nature table.

When we had a nature table,at one of the centres I worked with, we found that parents were taking their children for walks or planning more visits to the national parks and creeks and beaches and they were as excited as the children when they brought in an abandoned bird's nest or some ancient coral that had washed up on the shore. When children discover these natural treasures they feel more connected to something larger and wondrous.

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  1. Love this. As you know I love anything to do with nature and natural play materials too.

    1. We are really getting into play with natural materials around here.

  2. This is wonderful. I haven't done one since the fall, but I just found an abandoned bird's nest that I'll bring in as part of a nature table.