10 messy outdoor play ideas

SENSORY PLAY using "stuff" you may already have

Here is a list of my top ten favorite items to encourage sensory play!
1. shaving cream with small plastic rakes
2. soapy water with whisks, bubble wands, and sponges
3.  coloured water with clear pipes and other other tubing materials, funnels, and cups
4.  a mixture of rice and beans with sieves, funnels, and scoops
5.  mud with sticks, leaves, and rocks
6.  dry sand with spoons and bowls
7.  dried corn with empty clear plastic bottles and cans
8.  a collection of leaves, flower petals, & twigs with heavy rocks (or a mortar & pestle)
9.  a tub lined with butcher paper, marbles, and squirt bottles of paint

10.  ice cubes that melt are marvellous science.

OF COURSE ALL THESE IDEAS REQUIRE ADULT SUPERVISION especially if the children are under 5!

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