Grow some tomatoes

Kids love to dig in the dirt so you can involve them in planting veges and herbs from an early age. Cherry tomatoes are a good plant to start with as they are quick growing, visible and can be eaten straight from the bush. If you don't have a large garden they can be grown in a pot on the verandah.
All tomatoes are great growing, in Australia, right now as they are so expensive in the shops.
Kids can help prepare the soil, dig small holes, plant the seedlings or seeds, and water the garden. Later they can mulch around the plants.*  It's the waiting that's the hard part, but we all need to learn patience, right?
It's also a great way to get them interested in eating salads and learning what their favourite tomato sauce is made from.
When you visit to see how your tomato plants are growing don't forget to pinch off the suckers that grow inbetween the two branches. They don’t make any fruit and just take energy away from the rest of the plant.
* Let the soil warm up before you mulch to keep the warmth in as tomatoes thrive in a warm environment.
Don't forget to wash hands well with soap and water after handling potting mix, soil or compost.

MORE IDEAS: Fact Sheet about growing tomatoes: Pete's Patch at Gardening Australia


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