Leaf hunt

Go on a leaf hunt. This is a simple activity but full of learning about observation, nature, the environment and how things work.
If you know the names of the plants that the leaves come from then this is a good place to start. If you know if the tree is Deciduous - a plant that loses its leaves in winter, or Evergreen - a plant that keeps its leaves throughout the year, even better.

Science basics for young children.  a leaf is connected to a trees branch. A leaf helps feed the tree. Most leaves are flat so that they can collect the sunshine, water and nutrients to feed the tree. 

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To extend this activity:
  • learn the correct names for some basic leaf shapes
  • learn more about leaves
  • create a collage with your collection of leaves
  • create some land art with your leaves
  • photograph your leaves. Children love to take photos too
  • make a science display about different kinds of leaves
  • create a mobile using string and leaves and sticks
  • organise your leaves into groups by colour, size or shape
  • count your leaves

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  1. Great outdoor tips for a Fall leaf hunt! Thank you for sharing at It's Friday, We're in Love!