Looking for insects


One day we went looking for insects with lots of large magnifying glasses. We found lots of ants, a giant dead cockroach, a dragonfly, an empty spiderweb and some buzzing flys. One boy said he was allergic to mosquitoes. We left the insects where we found them.

This activity is so simple as all you need to take with you outdoors is a magnifying glass and you can have an interesting half hour or more for all kinds of kids: artists, scientists, nature lovers, explorers...
I have found that the best magnifying glass for young children, has a safe large plastic lense, makes a wonderful gift and can be purchased here.

Later we sang about the bees in the beehive and shoo fly and incy wincy spider and we read the Eric Carle book about the spider where you can feel the web on the page.

Read more dragonfly ideas can be found at 52 days to explore.

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  1. What a wonderful way to let children explore in the garden. I can't believe we've never thought to bring our magnifying glass outside with us. I love this idea. Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party!